ColisTrans in service


In France and Europe, we offer a dedicated service for your different consignments, such as:
Sending urgent letters and parcels in France and in Europe, whether they’re basic documents, or confidential/original documents, we ensure the security and delivery of your letters in due time according to the degree of urgency.

We can deliver express letters for paperwork regarding the CFE (Centre for Enterprise Formalities), CCI (International Commerce Chamber) and the commercial courts, or of course bank or postal remittances.


ColisTrans enforces constraints and schedules to manage your requirements
and your urgencies regarding delivery of express parcels.
Confidence in a service provider is important, which is why ColisTrans accompanies you in the transport of express packages, through a single point of contact and regular monitoring of the transport of your consignment.


We run errands and carry out express shipping using vehicles adapted to the task; ColisTrans uses shuttles and delivery rounds both nationally and at a European level.

We can perform trusted messaging deliveries for your express consignments, for your important, confidential and urgent documents.

Service de transport de colis en express par camions


ColisTrans offers a dynamic and qualified team to respond to your requests and guarantees a quick response concerning feasibility and price.

We systematically maintain full respect for schedules and agreed deadlines, and respect your requirements for express transport in France and Europe in every detail.

A confirmation of your deliveries is systematically performed, as well as monitoring of the delivery of your packages in France and Europe.

For each national or European express consignment, an order confirmation form is sent to you.

Our fleet of adapted vehicles allows us to respond to the extreme urgency of express transport for your letters or packages, both nationally and at a European level, with guarantees of:

Proposal of vehicles adapted to your shipments (light vehicles or heavy goods vehicles, trucks equipped with tail lift, sealable vehicles, etc.), deliveries with a wait at the premises or delivery by appointment.

Delivery can also be done by hand.


ColisTrans manages the extreme urgency of European express transportation. We are committed to providing you express quotes for your packages from 1g to 26t, 24/7.